Cooking Cultures Course for Tutors/Trainers of migrants in Culinary Arts 

This course introduces Tutors/trainers working with migrants in the Culinary Sector into the concepts of diversity and inclusion, the importance of soft skills and cultural values in order to  enhance their capacity to transmit knowledge to learners with different cultural background and attributes, to better communicate with them, to  inspire and build a relationship of mutual trust with their  migrant learners . 

Who this course is for:  

VET teachers, Tutors/trainers working with migrants in the Culinary SectorVET Providers, in Culinary Arts Sector. Alternatively, it addresses the needs also of those who would like to work  as teaching staff in Cooking Faculties (EQF 5 & EQF 6). 

Course Curriculum:   

This course includes 3 lessons (modules), in which diversity in Culinary Sector, intercultural values and competencies , and the most important soft skills needed when training migrants in Culinary Sector are presented.  

What you will learn:

After this course, learners will achieve the following learning outcomes: 

  • To better understand intercultural values and competencies existing in Culinary Arts

  • To apply teaching methods that reinforce equality and inclusion  in culturally diverse classrooms 

  • To enhance their soft and intercultural skills and competencies, which are needed in order to reinforce the mutual trust between them and their migrant learners  

Course Duration: 5 hours &  30 minutes (approx.) | Lessons: 3 |  Skills Level: medium | Quiz: 20 per lesson  | Pass Percentage: 75%  | Certificate: Yes