Cooking Cultures Course facilitating Migrants' Integration through Culinary Arts

This course introduces low-skilled migrants  working or wishing to work in different job positions in  the Culinary Sector (for example; chefs, kitchen industry managers, customer services, cleaning staff, etc.) to the  necessary skills and qualifications in order to enhance their employability in the Culinary Arts Sector. The aim of this course is to  cover the needs and preferences of groups with or without advanced digital skills, to foster  intercultural/soft skills that are equally important with the typical qualifications so as to  increase migrants' access to formal employment, reducing their exposure to undeclared work, through their upskilling.  

Who this course is for:  

Migrants, Refugees, or TCNs with low qualifications or short working experience in Culinary Arts Sector Alternatively, it addresses the needs also of those who  would like to work in the Food and Beverage Industry.  (EQF 4 & EQF 5). 

Course Curriculum:

This course includes 8 lessons (modules), in which soft and intercultural skills, cultural issues, food traditionality, first aid and hygiene, digital skills, CV preparation skills, sustainable food system, management and organizational knowledge in Culinary Arts and the basics in Turkish, Greek and German language  are presented. 

What you will learn: 

After this course, learners will achieve the following learning outcomes : 

  • To enhance their softintercultural, and digital skills and competencies, which are needed in today's culinary sector market; 

  • To better understand the importance of sustainable consumer behavior and apply a sustainable lifestyle; 

  • To recognize the different functions of the food and beverage departments and the key restaurant positions ; 

  • To know some practical methods on communication and teamwork in the culinary sector 

  • To apply first aid and food poisoning treatment and  hygiene in Culinary Arts; 

  • To acquire language skills and competencies in order to better communicate in their workplaces in the host countries (Turkey, Greece, Austria). 

Course Duration: Up to 20 hours (approx.) | Lessons: 8 | Skills Level: Beginner  | Quiz:  20 per lesson | Pass Percentage:  75% |  Certificate: Yes